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TRIMESTER TWO: Channel Your Inner Fashion Editor

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The Wolford "Havana" Tank Top


This stretchy, extra long black lycra tank top (see left and on page 51 in BUMP IT UP) is to pregnancy what mustard is to hot dogs. One cannot exist without the other. Complete co-dependence. The straps are the perfect width—sexy yet wide enough to accommodate a support bra. The length is long enough to take you through the pregnancy. The cotton, nylon, elastyne blend does not pill. I wore the same Wolford tank three times a week throughout both of my pregnancies.

Short Stuff


THINK ABOUT: Keeping it skinny on the bottom with a little volume on the top. Scale everything down-fewer adornments, small prints, small pockets-so you are not overpowered by details Keep all detailing (buttons, stripes) vertical. Avoid baggy clothing. Shorter necklaces break up the body and can make you feel even shorter.

TRY: Long, lean cardigans make you look taller. Lower cut shirts give the illusion of a long neck. V necks lengthen torso. Keep skirts above the knee. Keep it skinny on the bottom; Pants should be tapered. flats are ok if you wear a short dress or a cropped pant for summer. Avoid them like the plague during the winter. 



1. A fiber filled, Anti-oxidant (Sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, almonds, carrots, berries, whole grain cereals and grains) rich diet will boost the immunity system, increase cellular turnover and make you poop.

2. If tropical fruits like kiwi, mango, papaya and melon are nature’s broom, spinach and broccoli are its dust buster.

3. Sprinkle flaxseed into salads and cereal. Ground up, this nutty flavored essential fatty acid (which may be very well be the tenth wonder of the world) gives reticent bowel movements a hard-to-resist come hither.


SHOES: A heel visually lengthens your silhouette and, in turn balances out your tummy enhanced proportion. Loafers, lace ups or any rubber soled shoes that could double as your octogenarian grandmother’s orthotics are verboten. And, sneakers are in the same category as sweat pants. Absolutely never, ever wear sneakers unless you are headed to the gym. You don’t need five inch Carrie Bradshaw stilettos. But, with the watermelon in your belly, height will balance out the bulge, elongate your body and add that soupcon of glamour that transforms dumpy to diva. You will have the most stability with mid range stacked heels, wedges and kitten heels. Even cowboy boots offer a great look and excellent support.

BELTS: Pregnancy is the optimal time to discover the joys of belting. If you have a yen for fashion, you will notice that, on the runway, designers use belts to express “directionality”, or, mood of their collection. Skinny belts feel demure. Chain belts feel sporty. Thicker belts reflect a harder edge. A macramé or leather tie belt screams Boho. Aside from being decorative, belts are a functional style element that can make or break a look. A flashy belt below the belly is a way to draw attention to your sumptuous bump and away from other areas that you may not be so fond of at the moment. A stretchy belt can be used below the bra line to create an empire waist. And, a thin leather belt can be added over a cardigan to add polish.

JEWELRY: Baubles are the easiest way to make a basic outfit pop. Eclectic accents-think a bunch of Indian bangles, a chain belt, cool Tibetan pendants, adds a provocative element to your look. A vintage magnifying glass dangling from a belly button length gold chain electrify that simple black dress and cardigan A chocolate brown wrap dress becomes an IT GIRL ensemble with onyx beads, a knuckle duster of a cocktail ring, fish nets over opaque tights and black boots. Black and white M&M shaped beads and a fringed lime green shawl give the black sweater and pencil runway appeal. For a soupcon of le snob, don an armful of candy colored Hermes (or a flea market knockoff) bangles.

Lycra, Sweet Lycra


Now that you have an impressive belly, those clingy fabrics eschewed in the first trimester are cordially invited back to the wardrobe to serve as part of your UNIFORM. Lycra, the lowbrow material associated with tacky 80’s club gear wins the versatility contest amongst pregnantistas. Why? Lycra’s unique fabrication compresses flab and delivers shape. If it is a quality garment, this sucks- to- the- ribcage fabric will survive the entire pregnancy by stretching with you. Pound by glorious pound. Here are some essential pieces:

 An extra-long, bump-hugging black lycra TANK is the ideal topper for almost any skirt and pant. Fashion chameleons, these fade-into-the background tanks are so plain that, if you pair them with a multitude of punchy partners nobody will notice that you are wearing the same thing for five out of the seven day rotation.

Luxe lycra LEGGINGS (see page 51 in BUMP IT UP): An abomination on most women, leggings (not shabby workout gear) are delightfully chic on preggos, a slimming foil to a bump heavy top. Worn with blousy tops, tunics, swingy trapeze dresses and to-the knee jackets or below the bump belted sweaters, this combo is the very definition of volume control.

A Black mid thigh lycra SKIRT can be worn a variety of ways. The elasticized top of the skirt can be folded over just under the belly and worn as a sexy mini with a blousy top. The skirt can be worn mid thigh with the black lycra top and a printed jacket. The skirt can also be pulled over the boobs for a tube top.

A bump-hugging black STRETCHY DRESS compacts the belly and surrounding bloat to form a uniform par excellence. Fashion brands from Balenciaga to Target have a take on this most functional just above the knee dress.

Vintage Jewelry


Nothing says “wow!” like an unidentifiable (as in, “OMG! That brooch is amazing! Is it early Saint Laurent?”) retro accent. Accessories are an easy, inexpensive entry point to vintage. They supply that glam little touch that elevates mere clothing to “a look”. A quirky woven leather and gold belt gives shape to drapey silhouettes. A huge tribal medallion adds panache to a dark caftan. Chain belts deliver polish to a shirt dress and can be adjusted by changing the link closure. Sleek old school logo belts—think Dior and Gucci from the 70s—are a whimsical under the bump flourish. Forget dainty pendants and prissy stud earrings. Jewelry should mirror the bravado of your bump. Bold baubles—cuff bracelets, gold chains, chandelier earrings-amplify your style quotient. Ethnic touches like, say, Masai micro beaded bracelets, Indian bangles, wooden cuffs and massive beaded necklaces are unadulterated global glitz. Color and contrast is achieved by adding pops of print and color with scarves and shawls. Sport them traditionally around the neck or trailing artfully over one shoulder. Scarves also make perfect Obi belts (over pregnancy jean panel) or sexy back baring halter top. And, fur, faux or the real deal, is a most chicifying accent. A swingy Kate Mossifying leopard jacket for evening is pure Old Hollywood.


Don’t pack up the floaty, easy- to- wear shift dresses of trimester one when your stomach balloons. Go with the flow and sport your new dresses- as- tunics with pride. Just add leggings, a ballet flat, wedge or boot and you have an entirely new and most functional garment.

Innerwear as Outerwear


Underpinnings give major look for minor dough. A bias cut slip layered with a belted cardigan and funky jewelry offers Desperately Seeking Susan meets Mrs. Robinson cache. How to get the look? Make a pit stop at some of your chic septuagenarian relatives homes and mine their lingerie drawers. Nab gauzy nightgowns, caftans, “bed jackets” and slips. (Note: In the forties and fifties, everything was about quality so innerwear from this period is often more elegant than contemporary ready-to-wear). Flea markets and vintage shops are nightgown nirvana. Roomy black satin slips make comfy chic dresses. Tie Dyed White nighties make groovy summer sundresses. Bias cut long nighties, especially those with interesting swirls of color or prints, make glam cocktail frocks. Little Pucci-esque robes can be belted and worn with a heel. But, beware. To avoid the "I–just-fell-out-of-bed" look, make sure the nightie isn’t too transparent. Also, combining lingerie with something more structured like a knit or jacket adds polish to the look.

No Butts About It


THINK ABOUT: How to play down the waist and rump and emphasize legs and bust.

TRY: Just above the knee dresses—wrap, shift, empire waist–that disguise bottom heaviness. Visually elongate the body with a heel. Test Drive Pregnancy specific shapewear to compress your rear and give clothing a smoother appearance. Wear great earrings to bring focus to your face.

Thigh Anxiety


THINK ABOUT: Drawing attention up to emphasize your bust, neck and shoulders. Avoid straight skirts, tapered pants and pleats.

TRY: Creating a column effect with wider boot cut jeans and trouser legs that flare slightly at the bottom. Wear full A line dresses, a shirtdress and empire waist dresses. A cool scarf or Groovy necklaces and earrings that play up your glowing face and décolletage. Wear dark colors on the bottom. Test Drive Pregnancy specific shapewear to create balance by compressing your thighs. Wear heels. Ballet flats are too delicate for women with chunky legs.

Breast Of Luck


THINK ABOUT: Reducing the impact of your bust by visually lengthening your torso, neck and legs. The right neckline makes a big difference. Open, scoop and v-shapes are more flattering than crew or polo necks. The exposed skin breaks up the line from shoulder making chest look smaller. Dark colors on top function as a minimizer. To avoid drawing attention to the chest, Stay away from large patterns, light colors, stripes and adorned tops. Baggy tops will accent the chest and add weight.

TRY: A curve hugging wrap dress, empire waist dresses, or shift dress, unadorned tunics, wider leg pants to balance proportion. Hems above the knee will draw the eye down. Also, an oversized belt with gold buckle will draw the attention from your boobs to your belly.

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