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Makeup: Radiance-a-Go-Go

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Faux Glow 101


Like fashion, the beauty component of pregnancy is about accenting the good and camouflaging the unsightly. When I awaken, (pregnant or not) I am sallow and baggy eyed. By the time I caffeinate and walk out the door for work, my skin tone is even and , dare I say it, radiant. Dewiness and a soft, healthy looking glow is a direct result of neutralizing discolorations and blending foundation with light reflective particles. So, when friends praise my “perfect” skin, I chuckle and award myself high marks for cosmetic craftiness. To achieve the goddess like perfection of, say, Jennifer Lopez, yank a page from the playbook of celebs’ glam squad and become a master of calculated subtlety.


Radiant celebrities should all give a hearty thank you to shimmer powder in their Oscar acceptance speeches. Applying shimmer (it comes in a creamy blush, powder or lotion format) product to the apple of the cheeks, nose forehead and eyelids will give you that insta luminescence of red carpet luminaries.


Bronzer is the eighth wonder of the world. The moment that you feel sallow and unattractive, apply bronzer to your face, décolleté and other exposed areas. The result, a sunkissed just- been- to- St Barth’s- glow, will lift your mood instantly. NOTE: Coating on too much foundation, powder and bronzer will leave you looking like a tragic 80’s Cake and Bake (see glossary) victim.

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