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Makeup: Radiance-a-Go-Go

Hydration: "Plump" Juicy Skin  |  6 Ways to Boost Radiance At Home  |  Makeup: Faux Glow 101

Faux Glow 101


Dry Skin = Haggard Face. With a growing fetus literally sucking life from you, your skin will become dehydrated easily. In selecting a cleanser, gentle is the name of the game. Many women are convinced that a high lather is required to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Actually, suds are created by Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), (an inexpensive foaming agent also found in dishwasher detergent and other household cleansers) which strips oil from the skin often leaving dry, itchy patches of dermatitis in its wake. Many dermatologists green light products like Cetaphil that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), a more acceptable derivative of SLS but far less irritating. Non lathering cleaning milk (available at every price point from top tier department stores to Wal Mart) is a gentle alternative which cleanses without stripping essential oils from the skin

To moisturize, your skin will need more than a basic lotion. Here’s the reality: The baby takes YOUR moisture boosting omegas (aka essential fatty acids) to develop his or her little brain so, to stay hydrated, you must replenish. Again. And again. Being pregnant during a Chicago winter (twice) gave me the splendid opportunity to test drive every moisturizer known to woman. My usual suspects had left me high and dry so I layered nourishing ingredients like omegas, peptides, rose oil, propolis, colostrum serum aloe vera, vitamin E. in the form of product “cocktails.” These ingredients increase water content in the epidermis, a requirement for moist, supple skin. For the really rough, red patches on my face and body, I slathered on cult classic Egyptian Magic, an inexpensive cure all emollient (beeswax, olive oil and bee propolis) from Whole Foods. To reduce that dry “cakey” feeling midday, Pat moisturizer or face oil over makeup. And, drink double the amount of water that you would normally consume. The result is a moist, juicy “plump” complexion a la Jessica Alba.

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